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Seb Bunney

Co-founder, CEO

Seb's journey into the financial world is unique among his peers. In the early stages of his career, he navigated the rugged mountains of BC, Canada, as a backcountry mountain bike guide and coach. Yet, a sense of incompleteness lingered. As a result, during his spare time, he delved into the complexities of real estate, financial markets, and the fundamental structures that underpin our economy. Seizing an opportune moment during the pandemic, Seb strategically moved into the financial space, leveraging his diverse experiences for a unique perspective. Since departing the world of mountain biking, Seb has transitioned his passion for education to the digital landscape. His teachings now focus on the macroeconomic landscape, particularly the intricacies of our monetary system. Seb's commitment to supporting others on their educational journey led him to co-found the educational platform Looking Glass. Additionally, he has authored works such as "B is for Bitcoin" and "The Hidden Cost of Money," further solidifying his dedication to knowledge sharing and financial awareness.

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Articles by Seb Bunney

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