CODL – the overprotective approach to self-custody

Are you looking to step into the driver’s seat on your Bitcoin journey… but taking self-custody of your bitcoin seems overwhelming?

If you answered yes to the above question, you’re not alone. Self-custody is, arguably, the cornerstone of what gives Bitcoin users financial empowerment. But it can also be one of the most intimidating tasks. That’s why we created CODL, an approachable and guided solution to self-custody.


We get the trepidation and apprehension that comes with taking control of your Bitcoin.

How do we know? Because we have been there.

Our CODL service will put you in contact with Daz or Seb to coddle you through taking custody of your bitcoin.

Why the name? CODL is derived from the word “coddle,” which means to treat someone with unrestrained care or protection. And when it comes to self-custody, there’s no such thing as being too cautious. That’s why we’ve introduced CODL – the overprotective approach to self-custody.

Option One – Personal Support

For just $165 USD, we will provide expert guidance and support while personally walking you through either single-signature or multi-signature self-custody. Here’s what the option one includes:

  • Introduction to Best Practices: Learn all about cold wallets and how to manage your seed phrase securely.
  • Setting Up Your Hardware Device(s): We’ll guide you through the process of setting up your hardware device(s) for optimal security.
  • Creating Your New Wallet: We’ll help you create a new wallet, whether single-signature or multi-signature, ensuring you have full control over your Bitcoin.
  • Recording Your Seed Phrase(s): Safely back up your seed phrase(s) to prevent any potential loss of access.
  • Confirming Your Seed Phrase: Verify that your seed phrase is accurately recorded for added peace of mind.
  • Making Your First Transaction: Step-by-step assistance as you make your first Bitcoin transaction.
  • Resetting and Restoring Your Device: Learn how to reset and restore your device using your backup.
  • Sending Funds: Understand how to easily and securely send funds from your hardware wallet.
  • Reflective Session Recording: We’ll provide you with a session recording for future reference.

Option Two – Collaborative Custody

Self-custody often comes with a range of risks, including accidental key loss, complexities surrounding inheritance/estate planning, and personal configuration errors, among others. Questions like “What will happen to my bitcoin if the unexpected occurs?” or “Can my loved ones access my bitcoin safely and confidently?” usually arise. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Bitcoin Adviser to offer a collaborative custody solution that ensures the secure management of your bitcoin. Collaborative custody is a multi-signature self-custody solution whereby:

  • you hold one private key,
  • the Vault Provider possesses another key (Unchained, Casa…),
  • and The Bitcoin Adviser possess the third key.

This arrangement offers peace of mind, ensuring no single party can control your Bitcoin as it requires two of the three keys to send your bitcoin. The benefits of collaborative custody are:

  • No Lost Funds: Should you ever misplace your keys, with your authorization, the Bitcoin Adviser, in collaboration with the vault provider, can reconfigure a new private key for you.
  • No Single Point of Failure: With the Bitcoin Adviser, the vault provider, and potentially even yourself residing in different countries, your bitcoin remains free from jurisdictional risks. No sole key holds power over your assets. Neither The Bitcoin Adviser nor the vault provider can create a new private key or access your funds without your consent.
  • Estate Planning: In the rare circumstance that anything were to happen to you, we are here to assist your loved ones in gaining access to your bitcoin.
  • Personal Contact: If you have any questions, you have a team of knowledgeable thought leaders in the Bitcoin space ready to assist you.

Lastly, since its establishment in 2016, The Bitcoin Adviser has assisted numerous families through probate and countless individuals with custody without a single lost satoshi.

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