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We believe that high-quality education doesn’t need to be behind a paywall or only accessible to those who can afford the price tag of an established educational facility. With that said, we have created two resources (to start with, more to come) to assist passionate educators who want to help raise the level of financial literacy, macroeconomic understanding and Bitcoin awareness within their community.

All our educational resources are created with a common goal: to highlight Bitcoin’s ingenuity and potential and remove the veil of complexity shrouding our monetary and economic systems.

What’s more, these resources are free to teachers and educators. In saying that, if you are a school, district, institution or government, we’d love to work with you to help bring this critical education to your students, schools and communities, so please get in touch.

We hope you enjoy the resources below. We look forward to assisting like-minded individuals and spirited educators.

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The future is bright!

1. School Curriculum

Our school curriculum is the perfect starting point for teachers and educators who are inspired to introduce macroeconomics and financial literacy, with a Bitcoin twist, into their educational repertoire. We have created a total of 19 lessons throughout three units that explore:

  • The evolution of money
  • Debt, inflation and their various byproducts
  • The advantages and disadvantages of various assets, given our macroeconomic backdrop

Additionally, within each lesson, we have included teaching materials, a lesson plan, a presentation, a student quiz, alongside group and individual activities.

2. Educator’s Tool Kit (Coming Soon)

For those of you who looking to start a Bitcoin meet-up or for those who simply want to bring financial education (focusing on Bitcoin) to your community, our educator’s tool kit will provide passionate individuals with the necessary resources to host engaging events that inspire change and deepen one’s understanding of our world.

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