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Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast: Bitcoin Basics Ep. 7 – Bitcoin NOT Crypto

In this episode the boys start diving into the difference between Bitcoin and “Crypto”..

This chat is part seven of a multipart series (out roughly once a month) where the fundamentals of Bitcoin are explored in laid back, conversational, round table type style.

Josh & Dan, hosts of the Blue Collar Podcast will be joined throughout this series by Seb Bunney and DazBea of Looking Glass Education.

In this epsidoe, they explore:

  • Our Shitcoin Backgrounds
  • Altcoin Diversity is not risk management
  • Altcoins are Decentralized in Name Only
  • How VC’s Clean Retails Clock
  • Decentralization is Paramount
  • How to protect your A$$hole


  • Lyn’s Piece: An Economic analysis of Ethereum
  • Lyn’s Piece on Proof of Work and Stablecoins
  • Blocksize War Book by Jonathan Bier

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to any of us or comment below.

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