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Idea Creation & Inner Programming With Seb Bunney

In this episode of the Bitcoin Consciousness podcast, Sama is joined by Seb Bunney to discuss idea generation, inner programming and trauma.

Seb Bunney is the co-founder of Looking Glass Education as well as a content writer, philosopher, meditator and mountain biker. We discuss the difference between inner and outer sources of data which we can contemplate to connect dots and create models of understandings, concepts that we can share with others and use to improve our life. We also talk about building a false sense of self out of ideas that we adapt to create a new version of ourselves versus healing old wounds and rediscover our true self. We then draw parallels to the fiat society built upon assumptions while Bitcoin breaks through as a force of truth to restore and ground society by exposing humanities trauma that made us create the fiat society in the first place.

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