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The Investors Podcast – Macro & Bitcoin Education

Preston Pysh from the Investors Network has a deep-dive conversation on all things macro, Bitcoin, and education. The guests for today’s show are Greg Foss, James Lavish, Jason Sansone, & Sebastian Bunney.


  • From a macro standpoint, what surprises them the most?
  • What is happening in the Credit Default Swap market?
  • Why are the CDS prices in Japan not so bad considering how much Yield Curve Control has been implemented?
  • Why is Fidelity so involved in Bitcoin and why is it so important?
  • Are the Credit cycles getting faster?
  • What’s the next major central bank to implement Yield Curve Control?
  • What are fixed income investors thinking right now for long duration?
  • What kind of timeline is this “great reset” playing out?
  • What was the incentive for building the Looking Glass Education Platform?


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