B is for Bitcoin

B is for Bitcoin

8 Modules- 36 Subjects- 4h 30m

Ask yourself this question:

“Do I really know how money works?”

Sure, you know you go to work to earn money, and you need money to buy food and pay for housing, amongst other essentials. But have you ever stopped to think about what it is, where it comes from and how it really works?

Or, have you ever wondered:

  • “How do debt and inflation impact us?”
  • “Is inflation really good for us?”
  • “What options are available to protect against inflation?”
  • “What is this Bitcoin thing?”

It is crazy to think that something as innocuous as money, which we dedicate a third or more of our lives in the pursuit of, is shrouded in such illusion and misconception.

Here at Looking Glass, we believe everyone deserves to understand how money, inflation and debt underpin our economy. Our goal, broadly stated, is to make this knowledge actionable and practical so people can better navigate the complexities of spending, saving, and investing.

With this in mind, if you’re looking to build a foundational understanding of our monetary system, enhance your knowledge of Bitcoin, or simply understand the risks associated with investing in certain assets, you have come to the right place.

This course, broken down into two parts, will explore:

Part One – Our Monetary Paradigm

  • What is money, and how has it evolved over time
  • The key events that have paved the way for our present monetary challenges
  • How debt and inflation underpin our economy and the consequences of this
  • The tools available to us to help protect against inflation and economic instability

Part Two – Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin’s fascinating origin story and mysterious creator
  • Bitcoin’s governance model and operational mechanics
  • How to jump in feet first and engage directly with this digital currency

If what you have just read has piqued your interest, we would be honoured to assist you along your educational journey.

Before diving in, we just want to highlight that although this course doesn’t offer you financial advice, we promise you one thing: by taking this course, you’ll walk away with a much deeper understanding of Bitcoin and our monetary system. Are you ready?

Material Includes

  • Written Course
  • Audio Course (at the top of each subject)


  • A passion for learning

Topics for this course

36 Subjects4h 30m

Part 1: Module 0 – Why are you here??

A brief background on how this course came to be and a summary of what to expect.
Subject 1: Introduction

Part 1: Module 1 – How did we get here??

An overview of what money is and the properties that make up sound money, followed by a detailed breakdown of the evolution of money and the events that led us to where we are today.

Part 1: Module 2 – What am I facing??

A comprehensive examination of how debt and inflation underpin our economy and some of the byproducts of this reliance on debt and inflation.

Part 1: Module 3 – How do I protect myself??

A detailed explanation of the options available to us when it comes to promoting a more prosperous future for our little planet and protecting oneself financially.

Part 2: Module 1 – The Origins of Bitcoin

Part 2: Module 2 – The Technology & Protocol Underpinning Bitcoin

Part 2: Module 3 – The Various Ways To Interact with Bitcoin

Part 2: Module 4 – The Lifecycle of a bitcoin

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from the an understanding point of view, very interesting and comprehensive.


Thank you so much for all the effort that went into breaking down difficult concepts. The looking glass is much clearer now thanks to your team.


I knew some of the info, but really had another lightbulb moment when it came to learning about options 1 thru 3 on what governments can do about inflation and debt. We are screwed in all scenarios unless we protect ourselves.


Comprehensive yet deep


This was the first online course of its nature that I have completed. I have read several books on the topic of money and thought that this course encapsulated everything important concerning the understanding of money without getting bogged down in minute details. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their understanding of money, credit, debt, inflation, investing, gold, bitcoin, and other related topics.


Great course


Great intro to money!


I came here to understand Bitcoin, and in this foundations course learned necessary information about the history and current workings of our financial system. It was so insightful, thank you!


Very informative


absolutely amazing! everyone should here this info!


An absolutely brilliant course to go through. Incredibly insightful and concepts are explained thoroughly well. A lot of the content I already had a good grasp of purely down to previous studies and trip down the proverbial Bitcoin rabbit hole; but the concepts of how debt and inflation work & how they directly impact our lives (negatively) were explained thoroughly well and I feel I am completing this course having a much better understanding than I did going into it. Highly recommend doing and completing this course. Thank you team for putting it together.


In 2008, I had borrowed 1 million dollars to build out a new dental suite for my practice. We moved in the same day that Hank Paulson and GW Bush announce the 700 billiion dollar bail out for the banks that were "too big to fail". None of my patients made any discretionary treatment decisions because of fear. My wife and I didn't take a paycheck for 6 months. These are the type of events that make a person curious, and it began my journey in discovering how our monetary system worked (or didn't work). This course so clearly documents what I shockingly discovered, and I wish I had been able to take it when I was in 8th grade. This course should be mandatory for every citizen of the world, and if it was we'd have a much more equitable and peaceful world to live in. Thank you all for you excellent work. I will share this with anyone and everyone I can.
Mark R. Link D.D.S.


Great overview of macro economics. Thks


It was a good course. I learned a lot


The course very well lays out the foundation for understanding whats wrong with the current fiat system and how bitcoin is different and better. Highly recommended!


Good course


As someone who already had a background in all of this. This was the ultimate refresh and i recognize the amazing ability of describing complex macroeconomic topics in such simple and concise ways. 10/10. 2 and half hours was better than basically all 4 years of highschool. Every kid should take this course.


Excellent! Will share and recommend to others. My only request would be to add a speed control to the audio. Thanks again for the fantastic course!


It's hard for me often to explain why I love Bitcoin and it's endless upside. To me this place will best describe it in a clear and concise way.


Financial education should be accessible to everyone, and this course provides that. Great job!




Well done in creating this great foundation!




Testing foundation course prior discussion with Daz - excellent work by content team, I must say..


Wow, what an amazing Eye opening, Enlightening education, you gentlemen’s Gregg, Daz, Seb, James and your entire team are like the Gods of Fire - Prometheus - giving the fire to humanity in the form of technology, knowledge, and more generally, better civilization.
Please allow me to ask a ?n. As there is lots of info online.., with your experience would you please share your reliable info as to where (book, or site etc.) can I learn how to safely buy and cold store Bitcoin and Ethereum? Perhaps “The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains” by Antony Lewis ? If I buy the book would there by all info for beginners?
Is there a better Hardware wallet then Trezor or Ledger Nano?
Is it true, that Every Hardware wallet comes with its own Privet Key (which can be expressed with “pre-selected” 24 word phrase). Since the Hardware wallet comes with its own Privet Key, how can I be sure Nobody knows this privet key already since has not be chosen by myself?
Any other spring of info you would like to share is welcomed.
Thank you Sir!
Best regards,




No matter how much you you think you know there is always something you don't.


It was a great course indeed. I really enjoyed it.


Good overview of the dilema we face.


Solid foundational info.


Easy to undertake for a noob like me.


Explained everything very clearly and objectively.


I have learned a ton from this course, and I truly appreciate the efforts that have been put into it. I really hope there will be more courses to follow in the future. Thanks!




A great resource for learning about money

It was very good, as a refresher and some new content


Great work by the LookingGlass team as they have managed to compress the vast amount of information available on Bitcoin while at the same time using simple terminology that can be understood by almost any person. Kudos!


Very informative and highly recommended.




Really good and easy to understand. Thanks for keeping it free. Bitcoin is hard money and it would require education like this for people to understand it.


Incredibly easy to learn and grasp.


Good experience overall, not too short not too long.


Thank you so much.

Great overviews and delivery. I will definitely refer back to a few of the topics that I'm not as familiar with, like the bond market. Thank you!


Will recommend this course to all!


Good and informative


Very good short course on our current financial/debt situation.

Would have preferred that the audio and text matched 1 for 1, but 5 stars regardless.

Learned a ton.




An option to listen to all chapters/modules would be nice, or automatically flip from one podcast to the next. It would be more amenable to long walks in nature that way…


Great overview!


I learned a lot though the equity and bond lessons were hard to go through. Also I figured that in the gold lesson, you could add a disadvantage about how hard it is to verify it's authenticity. Overall Thank you for the course!


Excellent content. Thank you for providing this free education. Clear, reasonable, and interesting info throughout.


A great introduction to numerous interesting topics!


Great foundational course. Good luck in your journey.


Great course - very informative


Very clear. No fluff.


Great course, thank you!


amazing, wish yall were my teachers in college


I'm pretty deep down the rabbit hole, but this is a fantastic summary that's easy to understand. I'll be sure to share it along my path. Thanks for creating this awesome platform - much more education needed to be done in the space yet!

Simply amazing! A must for all.




A wonderful introduction, should be required reading


I rate this course 5/5 because it took many hard to understand concepts and broke them down Barney-style for me to understand.


Love the content! Would be cool if there was a pdf version of everything. For kindle/ebooks devices


one of the best education tools out there, glad you guys have it in Spanish as well. I can share this with family and friends whose English tends to be their second language.


Well done at every level.


Knowledge leads to understanding leads to action. Thanks for the course!


Very nice recap of the main topics about money!


Very Educational for someone like me who doesn't know anything.
Thank you for this

Nice Course. Would definitely recommend to fiends and family and whoever is interested in it !


Easy to digest for beginners who wants to understand the question which we often overlook or never thought of before in life, "What is Money?". Highly recommended!


Great insights


Thank you for putting this together! I have a six year old daughter and worry about her future. Schools do not teach enough math and finance and I appreciate you putting this together. I hope the world takes advantage of this course.


Great content, many thanks!


This course is a great source of valuable information, explained in laymen's language. Highly recommended.

Great stuff! Jargon-free, bite-sized course. Ideal for people that are new to the subject of finance and may be scared off by it. Introduces you to the ins and outs of the financial system, that most of us couldn't care less about, but are affected by it nonetheless.
Also, even though the writers solution to some of the problems identified in the course is apparent throughout it, they do a good job not pushing it down your throat. Instead, they objectively present the content, enticing the reader to further search and educate themselves.

This course did a FABULOUS job of making what is perceived as scary, complex and beyond the scope of most people into something that is understandable and relevant. BRAVO!


Amazing content. We must translate it to as may languages as possible.


Good introduction to how bitcoin fits into the investment landscape and its benefits compared to other asset classes


good information.


I learned so much from this course. I loved the supporting articles and content, as well. I read through & listened to most modules more than once...and plan to go back again. Thank you for putting this together.


very good information and lessons about our debt based monetary system and how we have a chance of self sovereignty


Great stuff. Loved it


Great deep dive


Enjoyed the audio delivery of content and overview of the topics covered.


Amazing stuff!


Excellent information


Great introduction and overview of where we are, how we got here, and where we are headed.


Fantastic and great to listen to through the lessons


Simple and insightful


Amazing... Lots of information and an easy read!


Amazing course! Will change the way you think about finance, money, value, and wealth.


It was a very good match for my level of knowledge. I will recommend it to everyone who wants to hear about it.




Basic macro and monetary economics should be mandatory education material in every high school on the planet.


Excellent material. well presented.


Amazing introductory course!




One of the best intro course ever


Awesome Course


Great information and a refresher.




As a free education experience I liked this a lot. I already had an understanding of many of the concepts but was a nice review and something I will be sharing with others. Thanks


Valuable overview of the rise and reign of our modern global monetary system. Required learning for all. There are multiple sides to every story, including this one. While the team here at The Looking Glass does a phenomenal job of providing a tangible lesson on the truth behind money, wealth, and the role it plays in shaping our lives, it is our job as the audience to continue to build on our understanding; to develop a more personal, accurate, and complete picture of the society we live and participate in.


Very valuable course! So, so powerful for those of us who either need the basics or a refresher on this. I found the format (audio) extremely easy to work into my day to day routine, as well. I knocked this out over two days, on jogs, walks, and in between work times.
I’ve also strongly recommended my wife listen. She is an extremely curious, well-rounded beginner in this space. THANK YOU for this starting point. (Found you by way of TIP, Preston Pysh Bitcoin podcast)


Well done guys great content. Hopefully this helps a lot of people understand the role of money and the quicksand the current credit based system is built on.


A distillation of necessary knowledge in todays environment


It was a good match.


Good for newbs


So far so good. Interesting content.


Great educational material. Presented in a complete, concise and simple format. I will recommend to friends and family.


Great info!

Really solid foundation of everything involved with the current trilemma -- definitely will be pointing friends who are interested in Macro to this course.




I learned a lot and feel like it was an excellent introduction to macroeconomics today and bitcoin, but I still have questions and couldn't easily explain some of the concepts back at this point. Might be a me problem more than a content problem. Really enjoyed the content overall, though.


I thought I understood money.




I think all of the most foundational concepts were included in this course. You will go from understanding very little, to seeing the whole picture, if you complete it. There's much more to learn if you wish to experience it, but you will have your core understanding from this!


well put and make it easy to learn


Excellent overview of the condition (and crisis) we are muddling through. Clear and concise presentation of the material, abundant resources provided for further investigation


Very good material covering how we got to a high inflation environment.


Love it!


Awesome intro to money and asset investing




Amazing, eye-opening, well structured!


Phenomenal course with incredible insight on the worlds monetary system and how government/corporations control the people, specifically the United States.






This course covers essential material for everyone who uses money to understand, and makes it accessible to the lay person, regardless of academic background. This is sorely needed, and an antidote to the jargon-heavy, monotonic drab of modern economists and 'economics 101' courses you find online and in universities. I foresee the knowledge I learnt here being useful for the rest of my life as a member of the human race.


This was so well put together. I can't thank you enough for creating a simple resource to explain all of this.


Stellar Foundational Course!


It was a really fruitful exercise doing the course all the content is just well presented and easy to understand


Perfect match for a beginner/ intermediate in the financial space. Lots of takeaways that will stick. Bitcoin for humanity!




It really helped me understand more about money and what's going on, i can't believe this is for free!


Very informative. As a senior I now understand more fully why we are where we are today. Most seniors have no idea, and seemingly no interest in learning why. Thank you for your efforts to make this world a better place for all. Cheers. John


Fantastic course! While I was already somewhat familiar with certain concepts that were covered, this course gave me a more detailed understanding of what exactly is going on in our economic & monetary world.

Anybody who is working to earn money (which is practically everyone) should take this course, understand how money works and what steps one should take to protect their wealth, before it's too late to do so.


Good one!


Great course


Great info and overview. I even learned about "Bail-In". Thank you for putting this together.


Listening to a RockStar podcast with Greg Foss was my inspiration to check out what Looking Glass had to offer. The course put most tough topics into an easy to understand format. I had prior experience with most of the topics covered but would still recommend this to others. Thank you for taking the time to compile this resource.


I have learned so much from this course and I truly enjoyed it!
The content was very engaging, and the concepts were explained very effectively. It’s also sparked a deep interest in me to continue to learn and educate myself more about these issues. I value this information and I am inspired to share this course with friends and family.
Thank you for the education.


The layout was logical and the course info was well written.




Concise and easy to understand. Great course to open the eyes of the average person and start their journey into understanding our current predicament.




Great course very easy to digest and understand!



The cornerstone has been laid with the content of the Free Foundation's Course, please keep building! It may be hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but not impossible if they want to learn.

Thanks Looking Glass


I knew already around half of the information presented in the course but it was to me a good complement of information. I found it quite complete, without being too long, and very easy to understand. Thanks a lot for preparing this nice work and offering it publicly for free. I've circulated the link to some friends and colleagues who could also be interested in following it. Thank you.