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Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast: Bitcoin Basics Ep. 10 – How Bitcoin COULD Fail

This chat is part ten of a multipart series (out roughly once a month) where the fundamentals of Bitcoin are explored in laid back, conversational, round table type style. Josh & Dan, hosts of the Blue Collar Podcast will be joined throughout this series by Seb Bunney and DazBea of Looking Glass Education.

In this episode the boys steelman Bitcoin by taking the other side of the argument and presenting some real issues Bitcoin could face.

Full Bitcoin Basics Series here.

In this epsidoe, they explore:

  • Deflationary money COULD be bad in some aspects
  • Stretching ourselves WITHOUT tearing ourselves
  • The Dollar’s Network effect is STRONG
  • Nation State bans could be crippling
  • Technical Challenges
  • 51% Attack
  • Incentive Problems
  • Quantum Computing


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