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Podcast: War Financing, Bond Crisis & Bitcoin Solutions | Bitcoin People EP 38: Preston Pysh

Preston Pysh delves into Bitcoin’s potential as a defence mechanism in the digital age. He passionately advocates for Bitcoin as a solution to the corrupt incentive structure between nation states, particularly in war financing.

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Preston Pysh’s Twitter: @PrestonPysh
The Investors Podcast: www.theinvestorspodcast.com

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Twitter: @CarriCee
Facebook: https://bit.ly/bitcoinpeople

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00:00 Intro
02:22 Appeal of flying attack helicopters
04:10 Predetermination or Manifesting realities
06:49 Does anything prepare you for battle?
09:43 The effects of War beyond soldiers
15:02 How Bitcoin minimizes war?
20:26 Inflation pays for war
28:23 Bitcoin and the history of money
38:31 Is Bitcoin a war or revolution?
44:53 Risk of institutional & AI buyers
48:12 Bitcoin tipping point
51:25 Are traditional finance people accepting Bitcoin?
56:06 Government response to an exploding Bitcoin price
01:02:56 How to deal with turmoil
1:06:48 Morals to live by

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