Carolyn Crawford


Carolyn, better known as Carri among family and friends, had the great good fortune of being brought up by a gold bug. Her formative years were full of discussions about fractional reserve banking, debt spirals, the fragility of democracy and civilization, and the dangers of bloated governments.

In her teens, she was influenced by Davidson and Rees-Mogg’s ‘The Great Reckoning’ and ‘The Sovereign Individual’ also by Davidson and Theil. Those influences set her up for a love-hate relationship with economics, finance, money and investment as she struggled to find a measure of safety or comfort in a world that felt deeply unsafe
and uncomfortable!

After studying economics, she worked in stockbroking for a decade which created a useful insight into the world of finance, but she found it a dubious and unpleasant culture.

She finally found her calling in presentation and business communications training, where she’s now worked for 30 years, supporting people to be focused, concise and clear while feeling relaxed, natural and confident. Supporting people to feel good about themselves while helping their audiences to take on powerful information and ideas is what makes her most happy in the world.

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