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Bitcoin People EP 45: Stephan Livera – From Sydney’s Lockdown to Dubai’s Skyline

From Sydney’s Lockdown to Dubai’s Skyline | Bitcoin People EP 45: Stephan Livera

Austrian economics, libertarian ideals, and the transformative power of Bitcoin with Stephan Livera. From Sydney’s lockdowns to Dubai’s skyline, discover a tale of freedom and financial revolution on Bitcoin People

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We talk about the ‘Bitcoin Community’ but who in fact are these anonymous 200 million wallet owners across the planet? Are we actually a community with common values and ideals? Or are we a disparate group of people all here for our own selfish ends? What hopes and dreams do we each have pinned on it, if any? And how realistic are those dreams?

I set out to learn about the Bitcoin people I’ve met on Twitter and elsewhere, to put faces to names and learn about how everyday folk are thinking about and using Bitcoin.

Music: Mira by Black Rhomb – premiumbeats.com

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