Bitcoin Beavers

Bulls and Bears, Doves and Hawks, it’s the way that Wall Street talks.
Wolves and Sheep and shady critters; games in “crypto” give me jitters.
Computer screens that blink and flash the single goal, to make more cash
You acolytes of Cantillon those towers; modern Babylon
The charts, the candles, ups and downs. The flashy winners, loser clowns.
Myself, I am a disbeliever, I build for truth: A Bitcoin Beaver
My value comes through proof of work, I could not be a Wall Street jerk
My Bitcoin sisters Bitcoin brothers share our goal in helping others
While you promote your latest scam.
We Bitcoin Beavers Give a Dam

Which comes first, the words we choose or the way we think? I’m not sure, maybe it varies. Sometimes, words chosen carefully carry meaning beyond their number. That is the world of the poet and lyricist, conveying meaning through the juxtaposition of only a few words. Recently, a conversation about lyrics with a song writer friend, reminded me of that. While the world of Bitcoin does have its own lexicon, many of the words used daily in our world are borrowed from the legacy financial system. It leads one to wonder if we inherit some of the karma of that legacy system as well, when we constantly apply their language to Bitcoin. What a conundrum it is; trying to explain a bright orange future in the language of a failing green present. Only through comparison and contrast might it seem there’s anything to be learned. If those conversations provide any value in understanding the brighter future that Bitcoin offers, then they are worthwhile.

Sadly, I have no sage answers, only some simple thoughts to ponder and share in the hope that readers will attend carefully to meanings behind the words they listen to and use. When learning a second language, how long does it take before you begin to think in that language like a native of the land? In constantly watching the actions of the central banks and markets, how long would it take before we begin to think like they do in hopes of gaining advantage? By trying to better them, is there a risk of joining them? With the advent of Bitcoin ETF’s, that question arises front and center. On first glance it seems a question of “just who is introducing who.. and to what”? Of course, when first exposed to Bitcoin, especially these days, the climbing numbers in fiat terms are magnetic, but there’s a risk in simply stopping our investigation there; limiting our view to money numbers only. The fiat price of Bitcoin is not its value, only its price, its value being far beyond price at any given time, and particularly into the future. There are many persistent followers less enamored by price than Bitcoin’s value. For those it requires a thoughtful gaze into the future, and willingness to learn from native speakers of the new orange language working for a better tomorrow. The voices of Booth and Breedlove, Saylor and Mallers, Back and Keiser, Ammous and Antonopolous, Lowery and Lopp, Dorsey and Gladstein, to name a random few of those working to put value ahead of price.

  • Price: What people are willing to pay in fiat.
  • Value: Micropayments, Sovereignty and Freedom, International medium of exchange. Truth in transactions, elimination of transactional friction and middlemen, solution to war, inscription of valuable information, a new understanding of energy, an end to rampant inflation and grifting. Verifiable truth, and a fight for the earth and against poverty. Those are but a few values that come to mind. They are values worth working for, and indeed those names listed above along with many others do just that. All those workers are Bitcoin beavers in my estimation, building a better future.

In a recent interview, Argentinian Alex Kruger referred to the Bitcoin ETF’s as a Trojan Horse that will roll through the gates of Wall Street. If so, I hope you’ll join us hodlers and beavers in its belly and help expose the world to the VALUES of Bitcoin.

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