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Daniel Prince


I am just another pleb trying to find answers in this crazy world. I spent 18 years working in a Finance career in Foreign Exchange Markets. Yes, I dealt in 100's of millions of dollars in fiat currencies every day and it's shameful to say that I had no idea what money was or even questioned it. I just put my head down to work as hard as I could to try and earn a living to support my family.

I was another lemming caught in the trap of the rat race and was fully committed to the blind quest for 'cash'.

Manning up to the fact you know almost nothing about how our financial system works and that you have been a slave to their system for many of your most productive and capable years is one of the bitterest pills you will ever swallow.

You will find this is a common paradox amongst us Bitcoiners.

Bitcoin is the grand humbler. It makes you question everything. It is only the curious or the desperate that truly see what it is and what it can become.

So, here it might begin for you, this uniquely individual trip into the rabbit hole that we call Bitcoin.

Welcome friend, I hope my humble effort to provide some value back to the space that has taught me so much will help guide you through some of this personal enhancing experience!

Let's go!


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