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5 Simple Steps: Understand Inflation & Bitcoin (Documentary)

Here at Looking Glass, we feel super fortunate to be able to share resources and content from some incredible and passionate individuals. This documentary is no different. Sean Clarke has done a phenomenal job at taking a look at our monetary system and then sharing his thoughts on Bitcoin and the countless benefits it may offer.

As for what to expect…

The Global Elite have spent more than a century manipulating and controlling the world’s money supply through lies, misinformation and propaganda. Through these actions, they have decimated the middle and lower classes. When our money is broken, we have no control over inflation and our life savings. Everything costs more, and wages do not keep up. However, there is a way out, a way to break free. We just need to understand how we got here. This will allow us to answer the question: How does money play a role in fixing the world around us?

Within this documentary, I hope to take a look at how money can revolutionize the way we interact, how we already have the potential to bank the unbanked, and ultimately, how, if we change how we approach money, we can take back control from the elites, placing it back in the hands of where it belongs, with you.

Let’s begin by examining the Federal Reserve. Following that, we’ll navigate through the World Wars. Then, we’ll explore a few of the various financial crises, and finally, we’ll delve into the solutions devised to address the issues we are facing.

We hope you enjoy this documentary.

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