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48 HOURS in Amsterdam – No CASH, Only BITCOIN

This is the first episode of “Bitcoiner’s Travel Guide,” a new Bitcoin Magazine Studios show.

I’m Pleb Music, and I’ll take you around the world to show you how the bitcoin space is evolving right now.

Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, was the first city I visited. While many people still believe bitcoin is a fantasy that cannot be used in everyday life, I wanted to challenge myself to survive by only using bitcoin for 48 hours in a city I’ve never visited before.

Thank you to Bitcoin Amsterdam for sponsoring this video. When purchasing your tickets, use the promo code for 10%: AMSTERDAMN…

Host: Pleb Music
Produced by: Bitcoin Magazine Studios
Editor: Pleb Music
Director of Photography: Cinemuck
Executive Producer: Mills
VFX: Cinemuck

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