The Secret to Effective Presentations

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Presentation Mastery in Four Simple Steps

1 Modules- 8 Subjects- 2h

So you’re inspired by Bitcoin and excited to take your knowledge to the world. You’ve talked to friends and family til you’re blue in the face and now it’s time to take it to a wider audience.

But running a seminar or webinar, speaking at a conference or running formal training is a whole different ball game. Perhaps you don’t know quite where to start. Or maybe you don’t feel confident speaking in front of a group. What’s the best way to organize your materials for a longer session as opposed to quite a short session? Is there a difference between large groups versus small groups? Online versus live?

Looking Glass Education is here to help. This four-part video series is designed to help you both prepare and deliver effective Bitcoin education. It will help you curate the content you’d like to present, format the structure for clarity and ease of understanding and help you deliver with confidence, calm and control.

More specifically the four videos will cover:

  1. Structuring the content quickly and efficiently, to create a story of logic that’s easy to follow
  2. Ensuring that content is engaging and interesting and keeps the group’s attention til the end
  3. Creating visual aids that are simple, clean, varied and interesting
  4. Delivering naturally, confidently and comfortably no matter what size audience or what type of environment.

So grab a pen and paper so you can complete the exercises as you go and get yourself skilled up to orange pill the world with gusto and style.

Target Audience

  • Anyone with a zest to improve their slide decks or public speaking

Topics for this course

8 Subjects2h

Dissecting the Art of Presenting?

How to curate content, structure slide decks and present with confidence and ease.
Value 4 Value
Part One: How To Create a Story43:06
Part Two: How To Maximize Content Engagement26:15
Part Three: How To Use Visual Aids To Support Rather Than Distract30:45
Part Four: How To Deliver a Fun & Captivating Presentation21:22
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This was great! Thank you Carolyn. You packed a lot of information and great guidance into a very reasonable amount of time. I had already made a slide deck for orange pilling but this really is going to help fine tune it and implement more of those personal touches. Thank you LGE team for the vision to provide content for the next wave of Bitcoin education. Well done!!


I’m a horrible teacher. These sessions present absolutely amazing content for someone like me or someone that is a professional instructor. No matter what your level of instruction is, I guarantee that you will learn better techniques on how to genuinely reach/teach your subject. It’s free, what more could you ask for?