Challenging the Political Status Quo With Free Cities

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The Course on Alternative Governance

1 Modules- 9 Subjects- 1h

Have you ever found yourself pondering:

  • Is there a viable alternative to the conventional frameworks of socialist governments?
  • Could we establish a system that champions and upholds the rights of the individual, emphasizing freedom, autonomy and property rights?
  • What might this envisioned system entail, and is it realistically attainable?

Chances are, these questions have crossed your mind. And if so, you’re in luck. Just over a year ago, the Looking Glass team stumbled upon a non-profit organization that could offer insights into these queries. This organization is the Free Cities Foundation, which is driven by a central mission “to support the development of self-governing territories upholding individual rights and freedoms.”

Long story short, after following their work, engaging in conversations with some of their team members, attending their conferences and perusing their suggested readings, it became evident that their thoughts on governance deserved broader exposure. Recognizing our own limited expertise in this domain, we concluded that no one was better suited to develop this course than the experts at Free Cities Foundation themselves. Consequently, it brings us great honour to present this course as a free resource aimed at providing deeper insight into:

  • The concept of a Free City
  • The process underlying the establishment of such a structure
  • The operational dynamics and how such a structure aligns with the needs of the citizens
  • Current instances of Free Cities as real-world examples

If this sounds interesting, ready your pen and paper, and jump on board this course to enhance your understanding of Free Cities and alternative methods of governance.


  • A passion for learning
  • The willingness to critically assess and question traditional norms related to governance

Topics for this course

9 Subjects1h

Challenging the Status Quo?

A course on alternative governance.
Ciudad Morazán
Introduction + Ciudad Morazán Quiz
Small Farm Cities
Próspera + Small Farm Cities Quiz
Sark & Liechtenstein
Sark & Liechtenstein + Seasteading Quiz
Bitcoin City
Free Private Cities
Bitcoin City + Free Private Cities Quiz
Final Words

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Great introduction


Each segment was an ideal length




Amazing course. Informative. Excellent for beginners.


Great practical snapshot of 'what is in it for me?'


Fantastic course! Very insightful, yet succinct. The course takes the reader along actual projects around the world which makes it very tangible. It showcases the immediate and targeted impacts Free City projects can have a on a local level to change people’s lives for the better.

What Freecities is doing never ceases to amaze me, and this course was no different. A great course on the Freecities movement and what it's all about. Thank you!