A Hands-On Exploration Into Meditation and Spiritual Belief Systems

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Meditation and Decentralized Spirituality

1 Modules- 7 Subjects- 3h 45m

Decentralization allows each person to decide what we want to do, who we want to spend time with and how we want to live life. Centralization has been a way to create efficiency, but it has also created a culture of dependency and control.

In the wake of Bitcoin, we come to question the centralized powers of influence not only in regard to economics but in all areas of life, including spirituality. The mainstream culture around the world is built around the feeling of never having enough and always trying to fill an inner void in the external reality.

Meditation is a way to understand that inner void and understand who we truly are as unique humans and souls. Inner scars from previous experiences can be healed. As we find stillness within ourselves, the expectations and pressures from others lose their grip, and a deeper sense of Self can blossom.

By facing our fears, positive changes in our inner world open possibilities in the outer world. Acting on positive opportunities in our outer world opens us up for more inner healing in a positive spiral.


This course gives you hands-on experience with meditation and guides you through spiritual belief systems. With an emphasis on individual sovereignty and decentralization in the spirit of Bitcoin, you are the only authority of yourself.

The techniques and world views presented in this course are tools for you to begin or continue on your journey of self-discovery. We do not need to follow any particular people or beliefs to claim our node on the decentralized creation network, but we can share tools to make the journey more effective.

The course is divided into five lessons, and it is recommended to have 2-6 days in-between them to allow for reflection and integration. Each lesson comes with homework that will increase your awareness and bridge the gap between who you think you are and who you truly are.

Topics for this course

7 Subjects3h 45m

Meditation and Decentralized Spirituality

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Lesson 1 – The Individual Path45:48
Lesson 2 – Everything Is Frequencies51:11
Lesson 3 – Decentralization In Practice45:01
Lesson 4 – Nonlinear Productivity39:55
Lesson 5 – Neutrality46:01
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A deep dive into oneself, de-centralise your mind and unlock your heart. I highly recommend this course, trust yourself and find out.


Such powerful information that will completely change the way you look at the world - highly recommend!

I had the pleasure of joining a handful of Sama's meditations this past year, and I cannot recommend them more highly. I'm excited to finally have a course I can refer too.