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Content Writer & Editor

Having been born and raised in a country with massive wealth inequality, she always longed to find a way where everyone had more opportunity to develop and market their skills, and to create wealth for themselves and their families. She dabbled in local community currency projects over the years, but always knew the solution would need to be more far-reaching. Discovering bitcoin in 2017 was an aha moment! Since then, she has fallen deep down the proverbial rabbit hole, and it would not be amiss to say she is obsessed. She recently self-published a book, The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written, to provide a clear, easy-to-read primer for those interested in learning about bitcoin. It is available on her website both as a paperback, or as a free PDF to make it accessible to anyone. Keysa is delighted to bring her writing and editing skills, along with her passion to educate the world about bitcoin, to the Looking Glass project.

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