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CODL - the overprotective approach to self-custody

Are you looking to step into the driver’s seat on your Bitcoin journey… but taking self-custody of your bitcoin seems overwhelming?

If you answered yes to the above question, you’re not alone. Self-custody is, arguably, the cornerstone of what gives Bitcoin users financial empowerment. But it can also be one of the most intimidating tasks. That’s why we created CODL, an approachable and guided solution to self-custody.

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“We strongly believe in equality of opportunity, and the best way to promote that is by providing everyone access to education that breaks down how our financial world works. No-holds-barred!”

Greg Foss | Co-founder


Supporting Education

Looking Glass is focused on developing global educational content that highlights the ingenuity and potential of Bitcoin while removing the veil of complexity shrouding our monetary and economic systems. Therefore, in partnership with some inspirational individuals, we are proud to help out another grassroots effort in El Salvador called “Mi Primer Bitcoin” (My First Bitcoin, in English) by donating $40,000 to their cause.

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